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Signs You Need To Have Your Metal Roof Replaced

Metal is an extremely durable building material, and metal roofs enjoy that durability in the form of extended lifespans and increased weather resistance when compared to softer roofing materials like asphalt and wood. However, no roofing material is completely impervious to damage. Over time, weather and moisture exposure, coupled with physical damage, can cause serious issues for your metal roof.
If you do not address these issues with your roof, they can quickly cause damage on the interior of your home, which can be even more expensive and complicated to fix. Understanding what the signs of wear and damage on a metal roof look like can allow you to have your roof replaced before it causes any headaches for you.

Leaks and Water Damage

The clearest indication that you should be talking to a contractor about replacing your metal roof is if you experience any sort of leaking or water damage within your home. This means that somewhere along your roof, a hole or seam has opened up and allowed a significant amount of water to enter your home.
Replacing your roof is the best way to prevent this damage from continuing to occur. You will likely also have to get into contact with a water damage and mold remediation contractor to repair the damage that a leak has done to the interior of your home.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing refers to the seal that surrounds the base of things—like vents and chimneys—that extend out of your roof. Usually made out of metal or a hard plastic, flashing will protect the seam where your roof meets the edge of a roofing installation.
Damaged flashing, or flashing that has begun to pull apart and has created a gap, can all allow water to seep underneath your metal roof. This can lead to minor leaks that can slowly turn into significant sources of water damage, as discussed above, but can also cause your metal roof to corrode on the underside of the panels, where it is much harder to spot.

Damaged Seams and Fasteners

Metal roofs are commonly made out of large sheets of material that are fastened together. As metal experiences temperature fluctuations and weather exposure, it can expand and shift. This can place stress on the seams of these panels, as well as the fasteners that hold them together.
If the seams between the panels of your metal roof have a gap between them, and if the fasteners have become exposed, damaged, or exhibit signs of rust, it may be time to consider replacing your metal roof. Even if the roof itself doesn't need to be entirely replaced, individual panels may need to be replaced with new ones to ensure the integrity of the seams. 


Rust is one of the worst things that can happen to a metal roof, as it will eat away at the metal itself. This will create large holes that will allow water to seep into your home. Further, rust holes can cause roofing panels to literally fall apart, and give an easy pathway for pests to get into your home.
You can be proactive about rust on your metal roof by making sure that your metal roof is sealed or painted with rust-resistant substances every few years (depending on the climate and manufacturer's directions), but once rust has already become widespread on your roofing panels, replacement is the only way to reverse the damage.
For all of your metal roofing repair and replacement needs, you can contact Jupiter Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. Our team of highly trained roofing professionals can answer any questions that you may have, and work with you to quickly and efficiently fix any roofing issues you may be having.