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Choosing the Right Roof for Your New Restaurant

roof cedar shakes
If you are opening your own restaurant, there are a number of style and function factors you will need to consider in the process. One such factor is choosing the right roofing material for your restaurant. Your roof will be one of the most highly visible and noticeable outdoor aspects of your restaurant, and the right choice can make a big difference.
Get to know some of the options available to you as well as the tones that certain roofing materials set for your restaurant so that you can choose the best option for the aesthetic you are going for.

Clay Tile

One of the popular options in roofing today is clay tile. If you are considering clay tile roofing for your restaurant, you will want to consider the tone that clay tiles set. These vibrant and colorful tiles are often seen in Southwestern and Mediterranean design and have a very warm and welcoming feel.
These tile roofs can be especially effective and well-matched, with restaurants serving foods that are in the style of these regions, such as Italian, Mexican, or Tex-Mex.
Aside from the aesthetic appeal of clay tile, it has many functional benefits. Clay tiles are resistant to fire and will not be damaged by the heat of any flames or the heat coming from your kitchen ventilation system. This feature can be very beneficial in the restaurant industry, where the potential for fires is an ongoing concern.
Clay tiles are also wind and pest resistant as well as designed to endure hot weather without cracking or sustaining heat damage. However, clay tiles are not particularly well-suited to extremely cold environments and could become brittle and shatter or crack in cold winter conditions. Because of this characteristic, clay tile is rarely used in environments known for cold winters.

Cedar Shake

Another roofing option for your restaurant is known as cedar shake roofing. This is a natural wood roofing option that has a longstanding tradition, particularly in residential applications. However, that is not to say that it is not an option that can be used in commercial roofing as well.
If you want your restaurant to have a rustic, country appeal and vibe, you may want to consider cedar shake or similar options. This roofing material has a more natural and rugged look than clay tiles or other such options and harks back to another time period, inspiring nostalgia.
There are many benefits of a cedar shake roof. One of the benefits is that cedar is naturally resistant to the elements. As such, cedar shakes can withstand strong UV rays, moisture, and damage from insects. They are also good in a wide variety of climates, meaning whether it is hot or cold where you live, cedar shakes can work for your restaurant roof.
While you may be concerned about the issue of fire resistance for your roof, cedar shakes can be treated before they are installed on your roof so that they are more resistant to fire. There are a few disadvantages to cedar shake roofing, including the need for extra maintenance compared to other roofing options and the need for sun exposure to prevent excess moisture damage.
Now that you know more about cedar shakes and clay tile roofing options, you can be sure that you are considering all of your options in roofing materials. Making this roofing material selection can have a major effect on the exterior aesthetic of your restaurant business. Think carefully about these roofing options in both their physical and aesthetic aspects so you build the best-possible business for yourself and for your community.