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4 Benefits of Metal Roofing for Any Climate

a contractor installing metal roof
You've probably heard that metal roofs are eco-friendly in warm climates with hot summer days, but metal roofing is a very versatile material with a wide range of benefits for practically all climates. Here are four benefits that make it great for homeowners throughout America.

1. Metal Is Highly Wind-Resistant

Because it's so strong and solid, metal roofing is much less susceptible to wind damage. Additionally, it comes in larger pieces as opposed to smaller shingles or tiles which can fly away individually. In fact, it's considered the most wind-resistant roofing material commonly used today.
Metal roofing might be a good choice for people who live in:
  • Hurricane-prone climates
  • Northern climates with harsh winter storms
  • Climates with lots of summer thunderstorms
In addition to resistance to direct wind forces, metal roofing has a high tensile strength, especially if you use a heavy-gauge, high-quality metal roofing product, making it less vulnerable to shattering (like tiles) or cracking on impact (like asphalt, concrete and slate) when the wind drops debris on the roof. True, it can become dented from the high impact, but it still has a much higher chance of keeping the water out.
For maximum wind resistance, you'll need to design your metal roof with minimum overhang and with other features that reduce the amount of uplift.

2. Metal Roofing Helps With Passive Cooling in Summer

Its reflective nature means that metal roofing is great at reflecting the sun's heat right back at the sun. Plus, metal roofing is designed to have a coating (unlike asphalt roofing, which has granules stuck to it that can be loosened or neutralized by a coating), so you can easily add a cool roof coating that will maximize the roof's reflectivity.
In addition to keeping your house more comfortable in summer, this effect can help lower your AC use significantly, in turn lowering your energy bills and your environmental impact.

3. Metal Roofs Are Better at Shedding Snow

If you live in a northern climate and you're worried that reflectivity will just be a detriment in winter, think again. While it's true that a metal roof may not absorb as much sunlight as a black asphalt roof in the winter, there's just not much sun to absorb in the first place, especially in a northern region where winter days are short and cold. So a metal roof's benefits - such as its snow shedding properties - may outweigh that small downside.
If you've ever had to spend hours in the freezing cold trying to get snow off your roof so your house won't collapse, you know that snow buildup can be a problem. But with metal roofs, the snow shedding properties are much greater - unlike an asphalt roof, which has a gritty texture that holds on to the snow better - so there's less shoveling to be done. And you can install roof guards on any sections of your roof where you don't want snow to come crashing down on its own.

4. Metal Roofing Can Easily Allow Solar Panel Installation

It's possible to install solar panels on an asphalt roof, but it puts holes in the shingles that then require repair. Ideally you'd have a roofer come out to make sure it's sealed up and there's enough flashing directing water away from the panel installation area. However, it's always best to install solar panels without making any holes in the roof. With some types of metal roofing, you can do this.
Standing seam metal roofs allow you to snap solar panels right into the seams, with no compromising of the roof's integrity. This is a great bonus for eco-conscious homeowners.
As you can see, metal roofing offers many benefits that can help out homeowners all over the country. If you'd like more information about how we can get you a metal roof, get in touch today - we'd love to talk!